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SAMAG. Innovation today is everything, it’s the strategic choice that determines considerably the economic success of a company. Samag has chosen to grow and innovate by starting from the value of a CENTRAL organization structure. We call it customer orientation, listening to their needs with rapidity and without creating problems with direct use of the knowledge of the whole company, passed on directly to our customers. Only in this way can our 40 years experience be a guarantee and our products be immediately available..

SAMAG has built up over the years an important sales and service network that has been maintained and sustained by professionals and authorised sales points located in the whole of Italy and Europe. In addition to this, in order to monitor the market both from a commercial and technical service point of view, a new website that will enable all interested parties and possible new customers to interact “just in time” directly with the professional know-how of the mother company. This new reality will work side by side with the Samag and multi brand dealers network in Italy and Europe. Our company, even today, has available on-line innovative, technological, reliable and secure products with an elevated handling capacity and conseguently rendering the products convenient to use.

The difference...
Our high capacity of planning and design and our vast experience enable SAMAG to be independent in the manufacture of the main components (thanks to our automated work centres) and be be able to analyse the needs of each single customer while maintaining and guaranteeing the control and interchangeability of spare parts in time.
As well as the sale of fork lift trucks, SAMAG offers other services like renting, after-sales servicing, spare parts supply and training. We know that production experience gains more importance everyday.
The promise of a positive relationship with the customer is found in the immediate replies given to their requirements and thus not having to lose many working hours due to truck breakdown.
This philosophy requires the continuous presence of a SAMAG expert on-line and always present in the company for technical servicing and sales information.
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