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Front fork-lift trucks
  • Roberto has selected MORA, for many years a major and well-known Italian manufacturer of special fork-lift trucks, to cooperate as Area Manager in Latin America and Asia Pacific. Mora is recognized as being able to manufacture cutting-edge technology products and adapt them to the specific requirements of end users.
Geographic areas: Latin America and Asia Pacific
(not including China and H.K.)

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one-of-a-kind technology and performance 
  • Built using the best technologies the industry has to offer, they are emission free and have low running costs, but without giving up power. No limits exist as regards applications and lifting capacities, with models reaching up to 25 t. Personalization and custom features are the strong point of the Mora product range. Thirty years of experience acquired in a number of different industrial sectors, from metalworking to paper, woodworking and transport, have produced the flexibility needed to present solutions able to adapt and satisfy the most disparate requirements of individual customers, both in terms of performance and configuration, making it possible to optimize production processes  
Sector of use of MORA FORK-LIFT TRUCKS: 
  • Wood industry (handling of chipboard, plywood, panels in general)
  • Paper (handling of paper rolls, handling packs of paper)
  • Aluminium production and processing (handling coils and aluminium plates)
  • Steel production and processing (handling reels, coils and steel plates)
  • Foundries (aluminium and steel) (handling moulds in the melting and storage areas)
  • Automotive (cars and trucks, handling moulds and warehousehandling, raw materials and engines, press line support)
  • Industrial transporters and movers (warehouse handling, handling machinery to be moved)
  • Heavy industry in general (handling and storage)
  • Beverage production and distribution industry (handling containers, moving the finished “palletized” products)
  • Fork-lift trucks and self-propelled aerial platform rental • Household appliance manufacturing industry;
  • Ports and freight terminals

Mora Fork-Lift Trucks – the company: Tradition and Research  

Mora S.p.A. was established in 1972 as a manufacturer of hydrostatic fork-lift trucks with diesel engines. In 1976, the first series of electrical vehicles was produced with lifting capacities of up to 3.5 t. Over forty years of experience has resulted in the numerous different models currently made and which place Mora S.p.A. among the suppliers of some of the largest industrial groups in the world, with innovative optimized handling solutions.
Ongoing research aimed at rationalizing space has made Mora fork-lift trucks the right answer to any lifting problem, combining high capacities with reduced dimensions. 
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